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Salman Group, a leader in providing printing and packaging solutions in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, we supply variety of printed paper and paper board packaging products to a wide range of industries.
With over 30 years of experience in the field of printing and packaging, today the Group is one of the largest manufacturers of printed paper and paper board products that offers a one stop shop solution for all your printing and packaging needs .
With over 700 employees , we have 5 manufacturing facilities, equipped with latest state-of-the-art machinery in the industry and producing wide range of products that includes paper cups , bowls , buckets , popcorn tubs , folding cartons , fluted carton, paper bags, wraps , billing rolls, labels ,in addition of commercial printing, marketing promotional printing , and many more.


Established in 1988, Al Raja is leading commercial printing press in saudi arabia. With head office in Khobar , and branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Jubail, we are proudly serving a wide base of customers, satisfying all the needs of  printing and packaging solutions.
every part of the printing process is subject to our stringent quality procedures, we take your ideas and turn them into reality, but when ideas are elusive our design studio is always ready with innovative new concepts. At AL Raja no printing project is too large or too small because we know how critical the final result is to our customer. For offer you unlimited services at a competitive price and flexible delivery schedules. As an important part of Salman group printing division .AL Raja offers its clients a wide assortment of printing services , ranging from simple business card to beautifully designed display stands, with stands ,with everything else in between, including letterheads, calendars, brochures, official forms, receipts and much more. All this at the hands of expert staff and technicians who will place all their expertise and effort into the creation of what can only be described as stunning result.

Noor Carton and Packaging Industry

As an important part of Salman Group's printing division, Noor Carton & Packaging Industry is dedicated exclusively to the creation of paperboard Packaging designed and cut to customer's specifications, ensuring a perfect Result each and every time. Characterized by the latest technology, Noor Carton produces a wide range of Paperboard packaging solutions including those made out of corrugated Carton, food packaging, detergents, hygiene, pharmaceutical, industrial, paper Bags, and other specially crafted packaging to add elegance and sturdiness to all your products. With a corporate vision of excellence, Noor Carton is the flagship of Salman Group, one which has gained popularity And recognition internationally. We leverage consumer packaging insights to develop customized, responsible, innovative solutions and partner With you to help you achieve your product and brand goals.


Fafa Adhesive Labelling Industry

An  ISO , HACCP , BRC accredited Saudi Arabian company is specialized in the production of Adhesive labels & Multilayer flexible laminate packaging , tailor made to suit a wide spectrum of industries such as Detergent , Food, Hygiene, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Perfume etc. Describe the products or services your company provides at a high level.
Fafa Adhesive Labelling Industry was established in the year 2000 in the 2nd Industrial City of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, as a sustainable packaging company providing continuous service to the various industries in the Gulf and Middle East region.
Operating in an area of 20,000 Square Meters with a plant capacity of over 4,000 metric tons, the facility is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the art machinery and tools. With highly skilled multinational workforce specialized in production of Adhesive labels and Multilayer Flexible laminates, the company is known in the region for delivering highly quality products and services.


characterized by its ability  to provide all kinds of cash rolls, stickers, and labels which are commenly used in banks, malls, and to meet the demands if Many industries providnt quality, efficient and high standerds.

Al Raja Advance Media


The company focuses on innovative ways to create engaging live experiences for its clients. The agency aids clients through the entire event process from ideation to completion including planning,design, logistics, securing event permits, budgeting, production, custom fabrications and mobile marketing.